Coding a PSD to an HTML5 responsive template [Part 2]

Coding a PSD to HTML5 responsive template

Alrighty folks, I hope you've enjoyed the first part of coding a beautiful blog PSD into a fully working HTML5 responsive template where we wrote the markup and here we are in the second post where we shall style it responsively using CSS3 media queries.

Coding a PSD to an HTML5 responsive template [part1]

Coding a PSD to HTML5 template

    Hello friends, we have here today the gorgeous Yellow PSD blog template designed by Andre Noore courtesy PixelBeam which we're about to code and convert it into a working HTML5 responsive template with the help of CSS3 media queries. I've divided this tutorial in two parts so that we cn focus on the CSS3 styling in a completely new post. It's the age of 'Responsivity' (I dunno even if the word co-relates with this topic,lol ) in the web design world and our clients want us to design them a product which adjusts itself according to the viewport on which it's being experienced on.

  Basically if a website has been designed into a responsive one, it fits its fonts, images and all the elements in the screen being used to view it so that the user doesn't have to bother with horizontal scrolling. If you're still uncertain what responsive webdesign is then I suggest you go through the following awesome articles.

Custom Themes Introduced For Gmail

Gmail Custom Themes

   I guess you'll agree with me on the fact that Google's Gmail is hands down the best email client since its inception. Sleek, minimal, real time mail receiving system and better, extremely customizable according to the user's needs. While we talk about Gmail's superior features, how can we forget it's extremely gorgeous interface.

    Gmail felicitates it's UI with beautiful themes. Most of the inbuilt themes go with the flow and not long before Gmail users were provided with HD themes with gorgeous backgrounds in high definition. But the users wanted more and respecting their popular demand, just recently custom themes for Gmail have been launched.